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The Government of the Republic of Lithuania publishes information on a weekly basis from which countries its own isolation is required. Travelers must follow this information and follow the binding instructions !!!


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Cargo handling services

  • Terminal technical data
  • Transport movement scheme
  • Warehousing
  • Oversized cargo handling

(CKT) Terminal technical data:

  1. Modern passenger service and office building;
  2. Vehicles entrance check – in office: entrance gates 7, exit gates 3;
  3. Warehouse – 3500 m2;
  4. 634 m. of railway and the railway ramp;
  5. Cargo – vehicles parking area 14 ha;
  6. Quay No. 80: length – 297 m, depth – 10,0 m., fixed Ro-Ro ramp;
  7. Quay No. 81: length – 99 m, depth – 11,7 m.;
  8. Pier No. 80a : length – 229 m, depth – 10,7 m., adjustable hydraulic Ro-Ro ramp;
  9. Pier No. 81a: length – 264 m, depth – 11,7 m., adjustable hydraulic Ro-Ro ramp.

Transport movement scheme



JSC Central Klaipeda terminal (CKT)  offer warehousing services.

Our Warehouse advantages:

  • warehouse area– 4000 kv.m;
  • warehouse height – 8 m;
  • warehouse platform – for direct wagons loading and unloading in the warehouse ;
  • oportunity to load and unload auto transport direct in the warehouse;
  • warehouse rent – oportunity to rent part of the warehouse with separate entrance gates.

Terminal is located in central part of Klaipeda port, and has straight exit to highway E85:



Oversized cargo handling

JSC Central Klaipeda Terminal offers over sized and heavy weight cargo handling (ship- ferry-truck-wagon) and warehousing operations.